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Massachusetts Fire and Flood Restoration Specialists

Fire Damage Restoration

Did You Have The Misfortune Of A Fire In Your Home Or Office?

The damage left behind by a fire, even a small event, can be an overwhelming task to clean up and restore and is generally beyond the knowledge and expertise of home owners or landlords. Using the wrong tools or materials can increase the damage caused by smoke and soot. Entrust the Fire Damage Restoration of your home or offices to the trained specialists at ATA!

Water Damage

Splash! A puddle of water in your kitchen! Water Damage from a leaky pipe, a fire event, a broken dishwasher, a rainstorm or an ice dam is a very unpleasant surprise. Water quickly spreads and flows downwards through flooring and walls to lower levels of your home or office. Drywall, carpeting, curtains and furniture soak up and absorb the water. ATA’s trained personnel uses special tools to detect hidden wetness and moisture in walls and ceilings, carefully removes and exposes all wet materials and dries out all areas affected by the flooding.

Mold Removal

A water leak, or a basement area with constant high humidity can result in mold. Mold doesn’t need much to thrive: dust, dirt, paper, fabric or drywall and moisture make perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Left untreated, a small mold patch can grow into a fully developed black mold patch, which in turn can cause serious illness. Don’t take a chance! Contact us and we will remove all the mold, treat the surfaces and help you enjoy a mold-free home or office.

ATA Fire and Flood Restoration has been serving homeowners and businesses in New England for over 25 years. Our trained experts can also help you with:

Why Should You Call ATA For Disaster Remediation Services?

In the aftermath of destructive fires or floods, you need experienced specialists who respond quickly and efficiently. From broken water pipes to devastating fire, smoke or water damage, your home or office will get the expert, professional attention and outstanding service you can only expect from a local, Franklin, MA based, owner operated company. It is what separates ATA Fire and Flood Restoration from our competitors and it is  how we have grown our business since 1985.

When disaster strikes, you can trust us to bring your home or office back to life.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company. We are always on call for you — every day, around the clock.

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