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How To Salvage Flood Damaged Family Treasures

Having damage from water, or losing your home to a flood is devastating.This past winter storm (Nemo, blizzard of 2013) had the potential for causing water damage in Franklin MA and the surrounding towns of  Wrentham, Milford, Norfolk, Boston and many Connecticut towns that got hit with over 24 inches of snow. Ice dams will form on many homes, leading to leaks.

Warmer weather will melt the snow, and the upcoming rains will add to the amount of water that can potentially cause flooding in your home.

More than the loss of furniture, carpets, appliances  or toys, is the loss of family treasure. Most home owners insurances cover repairs, and replacements of furniture, appliances, etc.. Water damage experts can take care of the the home itself, remove all water and wetness and repair as required.

What about family papers, photographs, paintings, or your wedding gown? These items are irreplaceable. It is therefore critical, to immediately retrieve family treasures from the flooded areas and start the process of salvaging. How? I came across this extensive resource, where you can find lots of information on how to save your family treasures after a flood:

Saving Family Treasures Guidelines

Good luck and I hope you will be able to save your treasures!


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