Fire and Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

The site of a basement that has turned into an indoor pool is overwhelming. Where and how do you even start with the flood damage cleanup? Until the incoming water has been stopped, there isn’t much sense in starting the cleaning. You can however remove all items that are still dry. Next, stop the water! If it is from a …

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How To Salvage Flood Damaged Family Treasures

Having damage from water, or losing your home to a flood is devastating.This past winter storm (Nemo, blizzard of 2013) had the potential for causing water damage in Franklin MA and the surrounding towns of  Wrentham, Milford, Norfolk, Boston and many Connecticut towns that got hit with over 24 inches of snow. Ice dams will form on many homes, leading …

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Mold Removal Franklin MA

Do you have mold in your home or office? After a humid summer and periods of rain, as we often have here in Middlesex and Suffolk Counties in MA, you just might have some mold growing somewhere in the basement or in a bedroom corner. Mold needs moisture, common household or workplace dust, drywall, or cellulose. In other words: very …

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How To Minimize Water Damage

Water damage in a home or office can be caused by storm water entering through walls, doors, windows and flooding the home or office, or from broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances within the building. Either way, the damage done by the water can be quite substantial. Water quickly spreads and flows into walls, ceilings and lower floors through cracks and along …

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Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage in your home can result in steep water damage repair bills! Unfortunately, many home owners underestimate how far water can get absorbed into the building structure. This can cause huge problems down the line: Mold buildup, which can then cause serious health problems. I came across this article on the State Farm website. It includes some really good …

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