Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

ATA Fire & Flood will get your home looking as good as new.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

You’ll find there’s no substitute for having your carpet and upholstery cleaning done by professionals with a powerful vacuum system.

Smelly furniture? The sofa full of cat hair? Children’s footprints in the carpet?

It is time to get your carpets and furniture cleaned!

ATA uses steam-extraction, which penetrates deep into the fibers while simultaneously extracting water to reduce over-soaking. Our method is an effective yet gentle process that does not scrub or damage the fibers and pile of your carpets.

It is recommended to have your carpeting professionally cleaned at least once each year. Carpets, even if vacuumed regularly, collect dirt, dust and whatever else is dropped on them.

If you own pets, then regular carpet cleaning is even more important. Pet fur and dander, which are known allergens, just might be the cause of that cough that won’t go away. And let’s not forget the “wet dog smell”! Odor removal, which is an inherent aspect of carpet cleaning, will bring back that fresh smell.

Small children in the home? Do they spend a lot of time crawling around on your soft carpets and climbing on the upholstery? Drooling, spilling chocolate milk, berry juice and worse? Not only will you have unsightly stains, your small child will also inhale dust, have pet hair and dirt stick to their hands, which they then happily put into their mouths. Not healthy, and not a pleasant thought. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can get the dirt out, make your carpeting safe again for your small child to crawl around, and it will beautify your family room.

Have you experienced fire damage? Smoke and soot work their way into carpets to the point where only a professional restoration service like ATA can handle the damage. That smokey odor and ground-in soot require industry-level equipment and products to remove them. We can perform the same smoke and soot removal on your upholstered furniture.

Tile Floor Cleaning

Your ceramic tile will be sparkling once again after a full cleaning. If you have used a mop and water, you’ll see that it only pushes the dirt around and does more harm than good to your grout. We can help. In addition, we’ll take special care to restore the brightness to your tile floor’s grout lines.

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