Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration for Franklin MA and surrounding towns

fire and smoke damage to beams

 Fire Damage!

The first step in fire damage repair is fire damage assessment.

Only an experienced professional can fully assess the damage from a fire. Damage caused by fire, and the water used to extinguish the fire, is not always clearly visible.

At ATA, we pride ourselves on our response time and attention to detail as we move through each affected room  to assess the damage in great detail, remove debris, salvage items and begin the process of cleaning and restoring your home or office. When necessary, we can order on-site storage containers to safely protect your items while the fire and water damage repair is being done.


ATA will take the stress away and deal with your insurance and all the paperwork with Direct insurance billing!

Soot and Smoke Removal

Soot and smoke can be discharged into your home or office due to a malfunctioning furnace or heating system, and of course during a fire. This results in a massive amount of black soot that clings to everything, as it spreads across walls, ceilings, through air ducts, onto floors, furniture and fixtures.

Don’t attempt to clean it yourself! You might make the damage worse.

Call ATA at 508-520-3183  for Soot and Smoke Removal!

Smoke and soot removal can never be  simply done with a bucket of water or some household products. In fact, using typical cleaning agents will only work the soot deeper into walls, carpets and any porous surface.

ATA uses industry-grade products and techniques for soot and smoke removal and carpet and upholstery cleaning. ATA will restore your space to the way it was before the puffback or fire.

If your office or home has a central HVAC system and you have had a fire, it is important to have hire the professionals for a thorough air duct cleaning for complete smoke and soot removal. Call ATA!

equipment for drying after a flood

Equipment used for drying

fire and smoke damage to insulation

Call ATA at 508-520-3183 for Fire Damage Restoration!

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