Mold Removal

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Importance of Mold Removal

Do you have mold, weeks or months after a pipe leakage or storm damage? Does your basement smell funky after a wet summer?

Mold can have a serious, negative impact on your health! It is important to immediately remove all mold, AND the mold-causing circumstances.

Mold can grow and spread quickly in areas that have been affected by water damage. It can go virtually unnoticed as it builds up behind walls, under floors and in ceilings. You can count on us to remove the areas affected by mold and treat them with an antimicrobial solution to prevent further mold growth in your home or office.


Has a winter ice dam caused seepage into your home?

Ice dams are another common cause of mold, besides leaky basements or broken pipes. While you might assume ice dams are strictly a structural concern, melting snow and ice can seep into your attic, walls and ceilings, where mold loves to grow and make a space uninhabitable. Along with visual inspections, we use sensitive moisture meters to detect where the moisture has traveled. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may need to remove the affected building components to hasten the drying process ,or we might suggest options for further reconstruction.

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mold caused from flooding

mold on baseboards and floor

mold on walls






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