Water Damage

Water or Flood Damage Repaired, Your Home or Office Restored!

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Water or flood damage can be the result of several events:

    • Broken pipe
    • Leaky Dishwasher
    • Leaky Roof
    • Leaky Basement
    • Ice dam
    • Firesprinkler system

If you have an emergency, call ATA immediately at 508-520-3183, 24/7 !


No matter what the cause of the flood damage, an in-depth assessment of the water damage must be done. Water can seep into cracks, is absorbed by drywall, hidden insulation and wood framing. If any areas remain wet or moist, you will have problems in later months or years. The wood can rot, and mold can start to grow and seriously affect your health, and will require mold removal.

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

ATA’s highly trained professionals will approach your flood and water damage cleanup and restoration systematically.

Initial Stage: assessment, removal and drying

    • Carefully remove all water
    • Carefully check behind walls, above ceilings and in floors for any signs of moisture
    • Remove all materials found to be moist
    • Remove and dispose of all obviously water damaged building components
    • Thoroughly dry wall, floor and ceiling structures (might take 48 hrs or more)
    • Make an overall assessment of the damage
    • Help home owners or business remove, relocate, dispose of furniture, carpeting, etc. as necessary

Second Stage: Repair and Restoration

    • Does not start until ALL water or flood damage cleanup is complete and all components are completely dry
    • Closely work and coordinate with home owner or business manager and with repairing contractors

Our services for flood and water damage include carpet and upholstery cleaning. These services will be performed, once all water has been removed and everything has been completely dried.

Call ATA at 508-520-3183 for water damage cleanup and restoration!

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